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WeRelate Update

WeRelate’s family tree viewer is a delight to use. It’s there when you need it and disappears when you don’t and it makes it easy to navigate between person and family pages as you browse the site.

WeRelate Portals

Some of the most fascinating information at WeRelate can be found in the portal pages. Take a look at these examples, then take a tour on your own.

Putting WeRelate to Work

Now that we’ve looked at the major components in WeRelate, it’s time to see how all this can come together for research and collaboration. We each have our own research style, so I’m throwing out a list of ideas that you can choose to incorporate into your style or adjust to fit it. Do you […]

WeRelate Naming Conventions

With more than 2 million people pages along with all the associated families, places and sources, it’s important to understand how things are named so you can find what you’re looking for.

WeRelate Update

If you haven’t been by WeRelate recently, this update will remind you why you should.

The Information Desk

As you build your online personal archive, you’ll have elements located all over the ‘net – documents at Scribd, photos at Flickr, reading list at WorldCat and so on. How do you pull it all together? Why, with your own information desk, of course. Every archive has one and it’s usually where you’ll find the […]


Timelines are an important research tool which provide a quick view of history to put your ancestor’s life into perspective. And, while big events – wars, politics, disasters, epidemics and such – did have an impact on their lives, it’s the events closer to home that affected them most.

Research Guides at WeRelate

The research guides section of WeRelate continues to grow. It includes general information like how to get started in genealogy research and useful research sources. There’s a huge selection of location pages and outside sources such as the USGenWeb and the FamilySearch Wiki. And there are a growing list of topical guides ranging from the […]