e-Style: The Hard Space

StyleBack in the old typewriter days, we were taught that proper nouns and dates should always remain together on the same line. That was fine and dandy back then since we controlled where each line ended. Today, word processing applications decide where lines end based on margins and font sizes so have we lost the ability to present a properly-styled page?

No! We have the hard space to help us maintain proper decorum.

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All About Styles – Updated

Any writing project becomes easier to manage once the writer understands and exploits the features of his writing tools. Larger projects like family histories take advantage of word processing features not normally used in short, everyday projects. These features – table of contents generation, indexing, footnotes and endnotes and bibliographies – take advantage of another handy feature . . . styles.

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Writing With Style

Many of us developed our computer skills in the business world. Although we are comfortable using word-processing and spreadsheet applications, we are often familiar with only a small number of the features available. Those features served us well to create letters, reports and memos. For those of us who wish to tell the stories our family research has discovered, our business apps can still…

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