What’s going on with Feedburner?

Feedburner is the service that serves RSS feeds for many bloggers, podcasters and news services. It also maintains stats on those feeds and provides other services to analyze traffic associated with those feeds. Google bought Feedburner sometime back, but it appears to have become an unwanted step-child. Yesterday two things happened. First, I saw a note on ResearchBuzz that Google was shutting down the Feedburner API effective next month. Then, I noticed a lot of people complaining that they weren’t getting stats from Feedburner. Mine took a dive too, but they are back up now. TechCrunch reported Monday that the Feedburner blog and Twitter account had been shut down back in July.

I don’t think Feedburner is going away any time soon, but it does concern me that it is being so ignored. Yes, there are alternatives to Feedburner. WordPress users (both .com users and self-hosted) can take advantage of WordPress.com’s Site Stats feature (self-hosted users will need the Jetpack plugin to get this feature). It doesn’t have Google’s powerhouse analytics behind it, but it doesn’t look like Feedburner does anymore either. I highly recommend taking advantage of your blog’s sharing features to announce each post on Twitter. As I’ve discussed in earlier articles, Twitter has become quite a capable news service too. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer much in the stats arena.

Is it time to pull my feeds back to WordPress? I’m seriously thinking about it. I’ll keep you posted.