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WordPress Shortcodes – Recipes

Are you familiar with WordPress Shortcodes? These are handy little codes that simplify adding all kinds of formatted elements to your blog posts. For example, shortcodes make it easy to build a presentation right in your post. No PowerPoint or Keynote needed. Shortcodes simplify embedding videos, make it easy to create a sitemap of your…… Continue reading WordPress Shortcodes – Recipes

Digital Storytelling

Geneablogging with Ulysses

Many family historians use blogs to document the stories their research discovers. They soon discover those little stories have grown into a significant collection. After posting a story to my blog I was copy/pasting them to a Family Stories folder in Ulysses to repurpose and reuse in other storytelling projects. I say “was” because ever since…… Continue reading Geneablogging with Ulysses

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Browser Notifications on

Today we’re launching a feature that will show instant notifications for new comments and likes — even when you are not actively using Browser notifications give you a real-time sense of your readers’ reactions, allowing you to stay more engaged with your audience. Notifications will show up in Chrome or Firefox in the same…… Continue reading Browser Notifications on