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Start a Writing Project with Ulysses

Setting up a writing project in Ulysses is really quite simple. Content is organized into groups and sheets – the library equivalent of folders and files. Ulysses supports groups and sub-groups and gives you the ability to reorganize them any time you wish. See how easy it is to get started with Ulysses.

Reading: Writing Your Life

“Complete with invaluable exercises, nuts-and-bolts techniques, and motivational tools, Writing Your Life is indispensible for every aspiring writer who wishes to mine the rich lode of his or her past for all the gems hidden there.” The “exercises” are some of the best writing prompts I’ve seen. Available in print [$9.83] and Kindle [$9.60] editions

Family History Blog Writing

I just signed up for Lynn Palermo’s Family History Blog Writing class in September. Yeah I already have a family history blog and yeah it already has quite a few posts, but I’ve been a tech writer most of my adult life and I need help adjusting to creative writing. So far, Lynn’s articles posted […]

Meet Ulysses

I spent a delightful day yesterday getting acquainted with Ulysses, a new-to-me writing platform for Mac – and now iPad too. Those of you familiar with Scrivener will find Ulysses quite familiar but with a much shorter learning curve. The biggest visible difference is that Ulysses uses Markdown (they call it markup) for formatting text. […]

Adding Checklists to a Scrivener Project

Building on the idea to include writing and editing support within my Scrivener project, I’ve found a very nice proofreading guide thanks to Indiana University. By saving it as a web archive file, I was able to easily incorporate it into the Style Guide section of my project. For more information on web archive files […]

Setting Up a Scrivener Project

I find the beginning of a writing project a difficult and intimidating time. I have an idea and possibly a few notes – maybe even a rough outline – but there’s still so much to consider before I write the first paragraph. Starting your first project in Scrivener can be rather intimidating too, but hopefully […]

A Personal Publishing Primer

Considering a family history publishing project? Here’s an overview of the efforts involved. This gives you the big picture to help put articles related to publishing details into their place.