Scrivener for Geneablogging?

Scrivener for Geneablogging? You bet!

Have you considered Scrivener as a blogging tool? For geneabloggers, it becomes not only a workplace for blogging but a local archive for your growing collection of articles which can then be easily repurposed into any number of other publications.

Scrivener for blogging
Scrivener writing platform

Here you see my Family Stories project in Scrivener opened to a story in the Published folder under the Drafts section.

Family History Writing Challenge…Doors Open!

A great event! Learn more at The Armchair Genealogist.

Here we are, year number four, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce registration for the Family History Writing Challenge 2014. I’ve worked hard over the past year to bring a fresh look to this year’s event. I know a lot of you are returning participants who use February and the challenge as a time for some concentrated writing. Some of you may be joining us for the first time, you have the advantage of some wonderfully experienced writers in our community to help, along with a variety of article archives to inspire you.

Family History Writing Challenge…Doors Open!