More Yahoo speculation

Looks like I wasn’t the only one paying attention to Yahoo’s shopping spree . . .

Suppose that when you stumble upon an interesting blog post, you could click a “Follow on Yahoo” button, much the way you’d tweet a link or “Like” the post on Facebook. Clicking this “Follow on Yahoo” button would then allow you to follow the blog (or the author) via a personalized feed in a mobile Yahoo app or on the Yahoo homepage.

You may follow a handful or a thousand blogs, authors and news sites, but your Yahoo feed would have the power to rank items from all of these sources and show them to you in the order of their likelihood of interest to you, with the top 10 updates being the most interesting ones. It could even provide cogent summaries via its newly acquired Summly technology.

The rest of the article is just as interesting. Via Why The Google Reader Shutdown Is A Huge Opportunity For Yahoo at ReadWrite.

Yahoo’s been shopping

Yahoo’s been doing some shopping lately and they’ve come home with some interesting purchases. They bought Tumblr, the fun and funky blog platform. They’ve bought – and shuttered – several very interesting apps like Kit Cam, PhotoForge2 and Summly. Although they are shuttered, existing users can continue to use their apps and we can expect to see these apps appear again soon as part of the Yahoo! family. One of the most recent acquisitions – the Qwiki app for the iPhone – has not been shuttered and is something definitely worth a look. This free app lets you create stories from the photos, video clips and music on your phone. After playing with it for just a few minutes, I’m hooked.

Let’s see . . . blogs, news summaries, photos and storytelling . . . Does this look like the beginnings of a family history storytelling dream to you? It’s sure something I’m going to keep my eye on.