I’ve been ZAPD!

Moultrie Bytes

Zapd is a micro-blogging platform designed for iPhone users. It’s a free app and once installed, you can be off and running in seconds. You can create multiple blogs and post photos, text or links to them. You can take a photo with your iPhone and immediately post it via Zapd or you can pull one from your photo gallery. And, when you publish an item, you have the option to send it to Facebook, Twitter or via email at the same time.

There are a number of themes to choose from – ranging from elegant to cute to funky – and you can even create a custom URL. You’ll find me at http://moultriebytes.zapd.us.

My first thought when I saw this was wouldn’t this be a great baby blog although I’d like some kind of export function to save an archival copy. Travel log comes to mind next and wouldn’t it be an interesting way to document a research trip with photos of the old homestead, the family plot in the local cemetery and even documents at the local archive.

Although you can’t publish on the spot, this works quite nicely with my iPod Touch. I just need to wait until I find some wifi before I can publish.

It’s a relatively new platform and they are already adding features so these could be part of Zapd’s future. In addition to some sort of export function, an RSS feed for the content would be quite useful.

There’s a lot to like about Zapd and my guess is this is just the beginning.