The Archives

The number of online archives is continually growing. Some are free while others offer free and premium options. You will find links to the major archives below. When you see a dollar sign ($) next to the archive name, a subscription is required. You will also notice an Archives item in the Topics box in the sidebar. Click on it to display all published articles discussing archives. Many of these articles discuss smaller archives. These are generally either area or topic specific.

The News topic includes news from various archives. These posts announce new collections added to an archive or deals on subscriptions. It isn’t unusual to see free access to special collections for a short period to celebrate holidays or special anniversaries. Since these deals come and go quickly, the easiest way to keep up with them is to follow Genealogy 101. Click the Follow button in the sidebar. When a new item is posted on the site, you will receive a copy of that post in your inbox.