The Personal Archive

We all have our own personal archive of family photos, documents, recipes and other ephemera. These articles discuss how to digitize, organize and maintain our digital copies of all these things.

  • Keeping Up With Technology.One of the many advantages of an online platform for maintaining your personal archive is changes in technology. It is in the online service’s best interests to insure their catalog is updated as new technology is implemented. As a result, your content is updated for you.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • The Personal Archive: Some Rights Reserved.One of the first issues to be addressed is copyright. In reference to building an online personal archive, there are two different views. First, do you have the necessary rights to the items you want to include in your archive and second, what rights do you want to assign to the items you publish.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • The Personal Archive: Scribd.The Scribd document management and publishing platform offers the family historian a broad range of features and services to support the construction and management of your personal archive. Every document is indexed by the major search engines and can be embedded on web sites, posted to Facebook and even sent to a growing number of social media platforms.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • The Personal Archive: Flickr.When it comes to building a photo archive, nothing beats Flickr. Flickr has set the bar by collaborating with a growing number of public archives to make their photographic collections more accessible.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • The Personal Archive: Indexing.Wherever you store your historical documents, photos, videos and such, spend some time providing information about each item to not only document the standard “who, what, where and when”, but to also make it easier for others to find your treasures.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • Document Collections at Scribd.Scribd has recently introduced a collections feature allowing you to organize the documents you’ve posted into categories and even work with other Scribd members to build a library of documents.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • iPad Photo Management.The iPad offers a delightful photo-sharing experience, but it can also be quite the workhorse when it comes to managing photos on the road. Here are some apps that will turn your iPad into an impressive photo manager.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • The Information Desk.As you build your online personal archive, you’ll have elements located all over the ‘net – documents at Scribd, photos at Flickr, reading list at WorldCat and so on. How do you pull it all together? Why, with your own information desk, of course.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • Managing iPhoto Libraries.Although iPhoto isn’t the most efficient photo organizer, because it has “hooks” into almost every other Mac app, it is still a very useful tool.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • Document Management Systems.A good document management application will make managing your growing digital archives much less effort. Here are a few suggestions.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • Archiving Email.Email is an important component of everyone’s personal archive. And, with the right tools, it’s not that hard to manage.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • Calibre – the Swiss Army knife for ebooks.Calibre is an essential tool for anyone with an e-reader.Tags: gazette personal archive
  • Building my own cloud.I’m building my own cloud storage system to we’ll have access to all our digital assets from anywhere in the house. Here’s my plan.Tags: gazette personal archive

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