Christmas Tour feature

Christmas Stories

Christmas decorations have stories too. Pass them on!

Slideshow in Keynote Video

Create a Photo Slideshow in Keynote

On This Day

A look at the new On This Day feature in DayOne 2.0.  

Pixelmator for iPad – Selection Tool

Pixelmator for iOS – all that and more for just $4.99!

Scanner Pro 7 for iOS

Scanner Pro 7 can scan documents within existing photos in your Photos library. Not only that, its OCR capability will turn that scanned document into editable text. Scanner Pro 7 is $3.99 in the app store.

Pixelmator Does It Again

All of this photo-editing goodness for $30! Pixelmator is amazing and the editing extensions in Photos will blow you away. Here’s how to set up Photos to use them.  

Build Family History Books With BookWright

Today, photo books can include photos, scanned documents, graphic elements and even lots of text. This makes them great platforms for family historians to capture and share their family stories.

Research in the Digital Age

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take your research – all your research – to the archive or research library? Thanks to today’s digital devices, you can! This brief introduces you to some of the devices, apps and platforms that can make it happen.