Digital Toolbox

I often discuss items that should be a part of your digital toolbox. If you’re new to the Gazette, you may not know what the toolbox is. It’s a collection of services and applications you should have to support your online genealogy research efforts. The toolbox includes the following: a web browser. You can choose […]

Essential WordPress Plugins for Genea-blogging

When using the self-hosted version of WordPress, bloggers can add functionality to their site by installing plugins. Here are several plugins that will improve your blogging experience and make it easier to organize and arrange both content and posts: WordPress Database Backup. With this plugin you can not only manually back up your blog’s database […]

Featured Plugin: Widgets on Pages

If you take a look at the Personal Publishing page here on the Gazette, you’ll see a menu of resources prominently featured on the page. This menu was created using WordPress’s custom menu feature and placed on the page thanks to the Widgets on Pages plugin. This little jewel opens up a world of opportunity […]

Footnotes in WordPress

Would you like to include footnotes1 in your WordPress posts and pages? If you’re using a self-hosted version of WordPress, you can take advantage of the FD Footnotes plugin. Once installed, this plugin provides a simple shortcode2 which make it easy to add your references right in your text. As you see from these examples, […]

The Personal Archive

We all have our own personal archive of family photos, documents, recipes and other ephemera. These articles discuss how to digitize, organize and maintain our digital copies of all these things. Keeping Up With Technology.One of the many advantages of an online platform for maintaining your personal archive is changes in technology. It is in […]

A Tale of Two Turkeys

Over the decades, the folks up at The Farm went through several different growing phases. First there was cotton and when that collapsed they were growing various subsidized crops to try and replenish the soil. I remember the hog phase, the sheep phase, the cattle phase and especially the turkey phase. I still have the […]

Publishing Services

Your publishing needs will depending largely on the type of project. An reunion or anniversary commemorative book will have very different requirements than a novel based on an ancestor. This page introduces the various types of publishing services with additional pages discussing the services and resources available for each type. Print on Demand This can […]

Writing Tools

Before you can publish your family history, you need to write it. Here are several tools that can help you in your writing project. Office Suites Microsoft Office [Win & Mac] is probably the most popular – and most expensive – office suite currently available. The Home & Student edition for Windows includes Word, Excel, […]

ValourIT Wrapup

This year’s Project ValourIT fundraiser was a whopping success! The count on the boards is just short of $80,000 and there’s still money coming in. Team Marine Corps blew everyone away with over $38,000 while Team Air Force was in a very distant last place. Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to […]

Money Talks

The Gazette is a labor of love. It’s a way to document my family’s history and share it and my technical experience with the genealogy community. I enjoy telling a story and I enjoy the technology around online research and electronic publishing. Maintaining the Gazette costs me both time and money. To help cover my […]