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Yesterday I stumbled onto two delightfully creative iOS photo apps made by an Australian company called The Lens Lab. The first one is called Collect ($1.99) and is described as a Photo Journal. It is better described as journaling with style. With Collect you can include text with your image in many creative ways. Here you […]


It’s a funny name, but a fabulous idea. A search engine that searches digital libraries for family history, local history, military history and more to find your ancestors.

If you’ve been blogging for a while with a self-hosted WordPress site, chances are good you’ve changed themes once or twice, experimented with a few plugins and done more than a few revisions. These actions often generate a lot of digital trash which is hiding in the corners and behind the “real” stuff. This can […]

Lots of new features in the latest Day One update. This video demonstrates them and how to put them to use.

All photos are from the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s collections in Flickr Commons which include more than 230,000 photos. Other sets include photos from the AirMail Pioneers Album, Women in Aviation, the USAF Museum album and the George B. Arnold Special Collection. If you have any airmen in your family history, this place is for […]

Etsy is the first place I go to find affordable graphics to use in my family history storytelling projects. These vintage graphics come from the Electric Anthology shop which offers gorgeous graphics along with scanned images of things like old keys, jewels and hardware. Each of the items you see in these examples are digitized images that […]

Tired of exorbitant copy fees in research libraries? You may be carrying a scanner with you already and you didn’t even know it. I’m talking about your smart phone. Take advantage of your phone’s camera and some very inexpensive apps and you’ll be able to make your own copies whenever and wherever you find useful research. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Want to use your iPad when you present, but hate the limitations on fonts in Keynote? Here’s one solution.

If you haven’t discovered Blurb for photo books, now would be a good time. Get 30% off photo books with code INSPIRED30 at Blurb Check out their free Bookwright app while you at it.

Are you building your family history one story at a time? If so, do you need a way to keep those stories organized so they can be repurposed into family history projects? Take a look at Ulysses. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!